Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sampled Book 9: DC Superhero Girls

DC SuperHero Girls

Move over, Disney princesses, DC Superhero Girls are here. 

In a blatant attempt to draw in young girls, DC has a bunch of their female characters go to Super Hero High, where they have to master the 3 POWs:
  1. Super POWers
  2. Brain POWer
  3. Will POWer
Some of these characters really are heroic: 
  • Wonder Woman (the leader)
  • Supergirl (the New Girl)
  • Bat Girl (techno wizard)
  • Bumblebee (social butterfly)
  • Katana (the edgy artist)
Others aren't, at least in the real comics:
  • Harley Quinn (here she's the class clown)
  • Poison Ivy (garden variety misfit)
I think the whole concept is yucky, just like I think it stinks that Disney makes Belle, the only literate Disney female, into a princess. 

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