Monday, July 27, 2015

Book 2015-2: Luke Skywalker Can't Read and Other Geeky Truths

Luke Skywalker Can't Read, by Ryan Britt

The PAL who snagged this book is not a Star Wars fan, so the title really appealed to her.

Ryan Britt says Luke Skywalker and most of the characters in Star Wars must be functionally illiterate. "Not once in any of the existing Star Wars movies does a person, droid, or creature pick up a book or newspaper, magazine, literary journal, or chapbook of Wookie poetry. Instead, if something is briefly read by someone in Star Wars, it's like one sentence, read off a screen–and even then, almost certainly being "translated" by R2-D2." It's true. Even the Jedi records are vids or holograms. 

The other essays in this little book are as thought-provoking as this one. I laughed at the one on Jane Fonda's film, Barbarella. I couldn't help adding my own terms to his glossary.

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