Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Book 84: The Last Ship

The Last Ship, by William Brinkley

This book begins with a wonderful chapter that explains the real role of a ship's captain: king or the little world that is his ship. As a military brat I could understand it and totally agree with it. It was the perfect set up for the story told in this book.

I thought Mr. Brinkley had to be a career naval officer. I was surprised to read he served in the navy in World War 2 but became a journalist afterwards. He makes you understand what live aboard ship is like and the various personalities and talents of the people (men and women) who crew her.

I know, it's dystopian, and I've said many times I don't do dystopian fiction. But this one is so different. It's about the human spirit. About humanity.

It's also old. Originally published in 1988 but re-released because a TV show is now based on it.

The book is much better than the TV show, starting with the reason the world ended. Pandemics have been overdone, TV. The book's reason is much better.

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