Monday, July 20, 2015

Comic-Con 2015

GHPALS are back from San Diego and have recovered from the 5-day party. Actually, for us it lasts 6 days because traffic between the OC and down south is so bad on after-Con Sunday that the smart PALS stayed over 'til Monday morning.

None of us camped out for Hall H–why do that when the panels are posted on the web almost immediately after they end? Some of us were in Hall H a few years ago when the scuffle over a chair resulted in a pen in an eye. Who needs those kinds of crowds?

There were so many interesting panels covering every aspect of Popular Arts. Most have nothing to do with television or movies. So many authors. So many artists. So many wonderful people to talk to about everything under the sun.

Best swag? The Vikings drinking horn.

Best panel? The one where an author described her non-traditional self-medication experiment in dealing with her allergies after she read that research seems to indicate people with parasites have less allergy problems. She swallowed a tapeworm and lived with Timmy inside her for 18 months, until a doctor told her she had to get rid of it. She named it Timmy and said she could feel him moving at times.

Best preview? Suicide Squad

Best surprise? The Always Keep Fighting tea lights in the Supernatural panel. Jared Padalecki really appreciated them.

And as always, Bruce Campbell is an m-f'ing god.

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