Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Supernatural Comic-Con Mad Lib

Two years ago Penguin produced and passed out its first Comic-Con Mad Libs. Last year Version 2 was something all the PALS enjoyed (see Book 7 in our reviews). This year they passed out Comic-Con Mad Libs III.

We PALS have never made a secret of our love of the show Supernatural. We all traded whatever Warner Bros. bag we got at registration for a Supernatural one even though this year's design was inferior to last year's (though at least one of us was torn between it and the really cool one for The Originals).

So imagine our delight when we were doing the Mad-Libs on our drive home and found the third story is all about our favorite show!

We know the scan will be hard to read, so we're retyping it here. Please don't cut and paste it without proper attribution to the publishers.

You know how Mad Libs work-replace the underlined words with ones you pick BEFORE YOU READ THE STORY. You need to pick:

  • adjective
  • verb
  • adjective
  • color
  • verb ending in "ing"
  • plural noun
  • part of the body (plural)
  • adjective
  • plural noun
  • adjective

My Car Has a Talent Agent!

Here's an (adjective) story that we heard might be true…verb on and decide for yourself!

Stefany wanted to do something adjective at Comic-Con this year. Her favorite part about the show Supernatural was the brothers' car, "Baby," a/an color 1967 Chevy Impala. Ever since Stefany watched the first episode, she had dreamed of owning her own "Baby." What would be cooler than verb ending in "ing" her own demon-hunting muscle car to Comic-Con? She searched used-car plural noun online and found an old junker. Then she got her part of the body (plural) dirty working under the hood. Soon, her work was complete, and Stefany had a/an adjective ride. She parked in front of the convention center. Fans swarmed, wanting to pose for plural noun with the car. A woman in a suit, looking very adjective, approached Stefany and invited the car to appear on an actual episode of Supernatural! Now "Baby" has her own talent agent! Thanks, Comic-Con

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