Monday, July 20, 2015

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Our scribe always stops by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund booth at Comic-Con and usually goes to at least one of their panels. This organization does good work and deserves all the support it can get.

The CBLDF now publishers a quarterly magazine (comic book size, of course) to keep us all updated on their activities. I picked up the latest issue at their booth and an exciting read it was.

It's nice to know anyone can call them whenever there's an attempt to censor the books available at a library. Sometimes all it takes to quash censorship efforts is a letter from the CBLDF.

At panels I've heard stories of the aid given to individuals who run afoul of law enforcement. Like the guy who was arrested for bringing pornography into the country after an inspector found manga in his luggage. Who else can someone in this situation turn to for help?

At the end of the magazine the CBLDF thanks its major donors. As I stared at it I noticed a big player was missing. Where was MARVEL COMICS? I wandered back to the CBLDF booth and asked. Marvel wasn't listed because they've haven't sent the CBLDF any money.

Personally I never liked Marvel Comics (I've always hated angst heroes), but now I have an ethics-based reason for not supporting them. 

Kudos to all those companies who back the CBLDF's defense of our First Amendment rights when they seem to be under attack on several fronts. Extra kudos to Neil Gaiman, whose foundation donated $60,000 to the CBLDF's education fund.

 Why don't you support them? Just go to to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and join.

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