Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book 2015-1: Reawakened

Reawakened, by Colleen Houck

The first book we're reviewing this year is one that several PALS have read now. One snagged a copy on Preview Night and had finished it by Friday. She lent it to another PAL and stood in line to get another copy, this one signed by the author. She's hoarding that copy but the other one is circulating among society members.

It begins in a museum (our first PAL reader was a docent for years, so she loved this opening setting). A teenager has been accepted by several colleges and has to decide on one. Will it be one from the list of schools she really wants to attend, or one from the list of elite schools her parents prefer? She goes to the museum for peace and quiet, and is allowed to sneak into a gallery where an exhibit of Egyptian artifacts is being assembled. Our docent PAL really got a kick out of this because exhibits-under-construction can be really creepy when the workers aren't there, and really loud when they are.

A mummy is awakened, or rather reawakened since he comes to life every thousand years, and needs help because his canopic jars were damaged. He isn't complete with out the organs stored in them.

Soon picking a college becomes that last thing on Lilliana Young's mind, and the journey she takes with this revived Egyptian is exciting and fun. 

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