Saturday, May 23, 2015

Uprooted by Naomi Novik: A Review


We wrote how excited we were after reading the Uprooted sampler at Comic-Con 2014, and how irritated we were when we learned on the back inside cover that it wouldn't be published until spring 2015. We also wrote how kind Ms Novik was to us at Wonder Con 2015. We preordered the book on Amazon and it came Tuesday.

We are delighted to report we loved it. And we are really glad we did because we hate it when a sampler leads us astray.

The King's dragon protects the valley and every 10 years selects a peasant girl to live with him. Everyone knows who that will be this time. The sampler ends when the heroine is chosen, or seemingly uprooted. 

It is nothing like Novik's Tremaire books, though there is a dragon. She based her plot on the Polish folk tales she heard as a child, so there are honest hard-working peasants, magic and witches, and real evil in the woods. You might never look at an old tree the same way after reading this book. You'll certainly be nicer to them.

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