Monday, May 18, 2015

Book 54: Star Craft: First Born

Star Craft First Born, by Christie Golden

The Dark Templar Saga, Book One of Three

WHY IS IT ALWAYS A TRILOGY!!! Three is NOT a magic number! We're starting to get the pattern behind the publishers distribution of books and we don't like it.

GHPALS members are not into computer gaming, so this book did not find a ready audience. The PAL who picked it confessed she didn't read it, but passed it on to a friend who is so the book would get a fair shake. 

The PALs discussed this action. Is it in keeping with the intent of our book distribution? 
      Consensus, NO. 

Will it give the book a better shake? 
      Consensus, UNQUESTIONABLY. 

If we do this again after this year's Comic-Con, we will distribute the books to people who want to read them. We agreed we would put all the books out and give ourselves an hour to look through them. Then we would each, in turn, pick a book to review, continuing that way until all the books had been distributed. We discussed being able to trade books and decided when it was a PAL's turn he/she could either pick a book from the pile or take one from another PAL. If a PAL lost a book that way, he/she takes another one off the pile. That way we'll get a feel for the pull a book has and can report it.

Back to Firstborn. We passed the book to another PAL. This one doesn't play computer games either but discovered it didn't matter. It was funny in places and an enjoyable read about archaeologists and  three warring groups of beings (humans, protoss and zerg). Liked it enough to find and read the other two books in the trilogy.

The book starts out with a scene many of us can relate to–a group of people working in a horrible place whose tempers are shot, not because of the awful environment but because they aren't accomplishing anything. Who hasn't been there? 

And who couldn't love this line: "Full funding…My God, you think that means working plumbing?"

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