Saturday, May 30, 2015

Book 68: Endgame the Calling

Endgame the Calling, by James Frey

This book is a cross between the Hunger Games and every hero quest novel you've ever read. A bunch of teenagers must fight each other to the death. As in all those stories, each kid was "called" to fight. A dozen "chosen ones' are way too many for decent character development if there is to be any story at all. 

The copy we received is an ARC. It's clear the published version would include a puzzle for the reader to solve, so we can't comment on that aspect of the book.

Our reader didn't like it for the same reason she didn't like the Hunger Games. She does not like stories where kids kill kids. It reminds her too much of Lord of the Flies, a book she was forced to read in high school and hated. She likes life affirming books. Our scribe asked her what's not life affirming about The Hunger Games, where young people rebel against their totalitarian government? But that's another discussion for another time.

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