Saturday, May 30, 2015

Book 67: Born of Ice

Born of Ice, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Finally one of us picked the last book in a trilogy instead of the first. The cover really bothered all of us though. There's a tendency to cut off the faces on fantasy novels like this one. Is it to leave it to the reader's imagination? Is it a hint that something is wrong with his face? Who's on the cover anyway?

But we digress. The PAL who read this would not read past the first two chapters because she couldn't tolerate the writing style even though the characters mildly interested her. Everyone talks like the kids at my local high school even though they inhabit a culture/society completely different than Goat Hill. Is that supposed to make them relatable? It only makes them sound lame. I don't like books about assassins, There's enough mayhem in the real world that I'm unwilling to spend my limited time with them when I could be reading stories about real heroes, or better yet, heroines, like Harper Blaine or Rachel Morgan. I sure lucked out when I picked  Dead Witch Walking. 

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