Monday, May 18, 2015

Books 58 and 59: The Black House and The Lewis Man

The Black House & The Lewis Man, by Peter May

Hatchette Publishing was kind enough to send us both books to our scribe's home after Comic-Con. We divied them up, which was a mistake because The Lewis Man spoils the suspense of The Black House. Read them in order. The third book in the trilogy (yet again another trilogy!!!) is The Chessmen. None of us have read it yet.

Set on Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, the protagonist is a Edinburgh policeman who grew up on the island. He's assigned to a double murder case merely because he speaks Gaelic, and is pulled back to his childhood home. He's dealing with enough without having to make that trip.

While the books are murder mysteries, they are really about Fin Macleod's life on Lewis before he left for the mainland, his family and friends, the decisions he made and why. The suspense is maintained throughout the books, which is why it is so disappointing if you read the second book before the first.

Read them in order and have a grand time. You'll want to visit the island when you've finished.

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