Thursday, May 28, 2015

Book 66: Star Craft: Twilight

Star Craft:  Twilight, by Christie Golden

The Dark Templar Saga, Book 3 of 3

We already reviewed the first book in this trilogy (see book 54) and were glad to see we'd acquired the third book. Too bad we didn't get the second one as well, but you can't have everything. We did allow the PAL who picked this one to give this one to the PAL who reviewed volume 1 (I know, we broke our rules, but after all, they really are more like guidelines.) To do anything else would have been cruel.

All three books were written by one author, and that made them better than the average adaption of another product. What sets Christie Golden's trilogy apart from others like it is humor. At times these books were downright funny.

Ms Golden is also good at characterization. By the time the books end the reader is really fond of Jake and Rosemary and want them to escape from the Emperor. The Heir to the Empire shows his true colors (to tell what those are would be spoilers). One also knows much about the Protoss and Zerg and other players in the computer game. Almost enough to want to play it.

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