Monday, May 18, 2015

Book 56: Darwin's Elevator

Darwin's Elevator, by Jason M. Hough

Our GHPAL reader wrote:

This is a post-apocalypse with zombies novel, combined with mysterious space aliens. 

It's the first in a trilogy. Doesn't anyone write standalone books anymore?

The setting is interesting: Darwin, Australia. Not Sydney or my favorite Australian city, Perth. 

Maybe it's because I lived through the Cold War, when the collapse of civilization seemed imminently possible, but I can't stand reading post-apocalyptic stories so I didn't finish it. Next time we do this we need to be able to pick the books we read because we aren't giving them a fair chance. There's another Pal I'm passing this one on to because she likes this kind of thing. If she likes it she may buy the other two books while I certainly will not.

Another PAL read it about a year ago and reports she can't remember anything about it except it has a dumb plot and an elevator.

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