Monday, May 18, 2015

Book 55: Born of Night

Born of Night, by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ms Kenyon is popular enough to have her own booth at Comic-Con and we've acquired some great swag there in past years. Her cloth bags are great.

This isn't just a reprint of the first book she wrote. In her Author's Note at the front of the book Ms Kenyon reveals she added scenes to the book that had been edited out because they were "deemed too harsh for the market at the time it was originally published." She also reveals she'd created these characters as playmates when she was a child. Clearly she has an affection for this book

The first of a trilogy–that's become a cliché on this blog.

Our reader had this opinion: "It's stupid and poorly written. I have no problem with romance novels but at least write them well, like Georgette Heyer does. I know, historical romance is a different genre than fantasy romance, but good writing can be found in all genres. As can bad. Surely Ms Kenyon's writing improved as she practiced her craft or she wouldn't have sold so many books."

By the way, that is the complete book cover on the left. The guy's face isn't missing, just not shown. It's supposed to reflect the mysterious nature of one of the main characters. We think.

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