Thursday, September 8, 2016

Your Opinion Matters to Warner Brothers!

Your Opinion Matters to Warner Brothers!

At least that's what the flyer inside my Supernatural Season 11 dvds says. My copy came from Amazon Monday, and I immediately tried the link:

The first screen is a Non-Disclosure Agreement. I promised not to disclose any proprietary information and they promised not to release any information about me. Any ideas Warner Brothers gets from my survey response becomes their property. 

I was OK with that, and you should be too. Unfortunately I didn't learn anything new about my favorite show.

I liked that it told me up front that it would take about 15 minutes. I had the time so I continued.

The survey asked questions like why I bought the dvds, what bonus features did I watch and like, then went on to cover the entire series. The survey asked what seasons I'd seen and how I watched them.

I really liked that I could select many responses instead of having to pick one. Many factors go into a decision to purchase a TV show, so I picked such things as "I'm a big fan of the show," "I can access it forever," "I own previous seasons and wanted to complete my collection," "I wanted to watch it over and over again," and "I wanted to watch it whenever I want to." 

I also liked that the survey included "Streamed or downloaded for FREE from an unofficial source" in its list of streaming options in the question, "How have you watched the show?" I also liked that it allowed me to make different selections for each season because I do watch the seasons differently. I refuse to watch Season One on Netflix. The music was changed because the rights agreements didn't cover digital versions, or at least that's what I've been told. DVDs only for Season One for this fan.

Warner Brothers wanted to know how I first watched the show. I've been watching it on live TV since the first episode of the first season. Our family subscribed to Titan's Supernatural magazine and owns all the Season Companions.

Asked why I would be interested in watching Supernatural Season 12, I thought hard about the answer. Here's what I finally wrote:

I have been a fan of the show since the first episode and unlike any other show I have watched the main characters have grown and changed. While Sam and Dean retain the essential natures shown in that first episode, they have grown from boys to men. They have made allies and enemies, found ways to work through every problem they've encountered, though not without some heartbreaking losses along the way. Through it all, they've stuck together and tried their best to help other people without expecting or receiving any thanks. Throughout it all there has been excellent acting, writing, directing and production values, amazing interactions between the cast and their fans and an obvious dedication to quality on the part of every member of the crew. 

Besides all that, I thought Season 11 was wonderful. It showed Sam and Dean really thinking about what they were doing with their lives and their work, what their real responsibilities are to the rest of the world, the best way to clean up the mess they'd made (sometimes talk is better than action) and, most importantly, their place in God's creation. Season 11 tied up some loose ends and set up fascinating possibilities for Season 12. I for one am looking forward to learning about the Old Men in the British branch of the Men of Letters, what Lucifer is doing now that he's loose and how Mary Campbell Winchester's presence impacts Sam and Dean.

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