Friday, September 2, 2016

Our Logo

This post is written in response to a question posed by a new member.

Marion Rutledge drew our logo at the request of our membership. All her life Marion has drawn for her own amusement and the PALS have often giggled at her work.

When she was 10 she was singled out at a Comic-Con drawing panel for children. The instructions were to draw a dinosaur. The instructors said hers was the only one that showed action. One of her dinosaurs was chasing another one, "to eat him," she said.

We wanted a childish logo, not a polished one, because none of us are polished professional anythings except aficionados of art and literature of all types. 

We wanted it in black and white so we didn't have to use color inks when we printed it.

The main image of a goat on a hill was obvious by our name. Marion complied.

The rest of the image was all Marion's.

We asked that our logos how a goat reading, to reflect the Literary nature of our society. Marion, however, is a fan of the visual and theatrical arts.

So we got a goat staring at a television. He is, however, watching Reading Rainbow.

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