Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Newport Beach Film Festival Is Looking for Reviewers

The Newport Beach Film Festival has sent out a request for volunteers to screen and score the films submitted for the 2017 Festival (April 20-27).

You won't get paid, but you might see the next Oscar winner. Crash was shown first at the NBFF.

Here's what their site says is required of volunteer reviewers:

  • An average of 30 hours of viewing by mid-February 2017 per Reviewer, with a minimum of 5 hours watched per month.
  • That all Reviewers read and refer to the Reviewer Manual for guidance.
  • That it can be confirmed that every film for which a Reviewer has entered a score has been watched all the way through from beginning to end by that Reviewer. 
  • That Reviewers make reviews based solely on the quality of the film.
  • That every score submitted include written comments explaining the Reviewer’s decision. 
  • That Reviewers communicate with the Reviewer Coordinator about any difficulties they have, technical or otherwise, in carrying out their reviewing commitment. 
  • That Reviewers not be affiliated with any film that is submitted for review for the 2017 NBFF.
Want to try it? Just click on the NBFF Film Reviewer Application.

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