Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Revised GHPALS Logo

We have revised our logo in response to the City of Costa Mesa's lame attempt to imitate ours. They sold T-shirts and caps with a line drawing of a goat standing on a hill, an obvious imitation of our logo.

As we PALS stared in outrage at it we realized it was our own fault because there was nothing on our logo to link it to us. Of course our loyal members and followers recognize it immediately, but to strangers it would mean nothing.

We called oyal member and artist in residence Marion Rutledge.

She immediately added GHPALS and its meaning to the hill.

Unfortunately this caused dissension and rancor as some members chose to raise the "missing books" issue that we'd beaten to death years ago. At least this scribe thought we had. See the GHPALS Logo post, written before we learned about the city's clothing sale.

Marion remains adamant that Reading Rainbow incorporates books adequately, and it's hard to dispute that a TV show where important people read books to children does not incorporate literature.

The majority of our members thought Marion's design was really clever and the drawing should stay the way it is. They won, after they bought a round of drinks for the dissenters.

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