Thursday, July 19, 2012

What the ROXX? POGs are back!

On Thursday Son gave me what looked like two flat discs soldered together, then blown up like a balloon. It had Spiderman on both sides. He had no idea what it is, just another thing shoved in his hand at Comic-Con.

Today we sorted through all the stuff we brought home, and I found an unopened one. Turns out it's an official exclusive ROXX! I thought, "What the hey?" The accompanying sheet wasn't much help. It said "Launch 'em. Trade 'em. Collect 'em all." And if that's no help, go to

As near as I can tell, they are 3-D POGs. And they look pretty lame to this old lady. But I'll defer to the younger generation. I've got two now. Let's see what the kids do with them.

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