Monday, July 16, 2012

Goat Hill Public Arts & Literary Society

There is a beautiful wide mesa in Orange County, California, with water on three sides. To the south is Newport Beach, with its harbors and beaches. To the west is the Santa Ana River. To the east is the Newport Back Bay. 

In the early 20th century the mesa was a network of small farms and orchards, and was commonly called Goat Hill. The locals held a contest to chose a name, and Costa Mesa (Our Mesa) won. Today the mesa is one part of the City of Costa Mesa, a city whose motto is the City of the Arts.

The north side of town, off the mesa, is the home of the Orange County Performing Arts Center and South Coast Repertory Company. The office towers in that part of town surround a wonderful sculpture garden. Eclectic performances are given at The Lab, the anti-mall (a reaction to the incredible shops at South Coast Plaza shopping center).

Goat Hill hasn't been farms for decades. It is the home of arts for the rest of us, public arts. There are theaters at Orange Coast College and Vanguard University. The Orange County Fair shows arts and crafts created by talented people from all over the county. The Triangle (formerly Triangle Square) presents all the best movies and is one of the venues showing films in the Newport Beach Film Festival. The City of Costa Mesa presents summer concerts at Fairview Park. The Costa Mesa Historical Society has a museum, a restored adobe and presents public lectures every month. There are comics and collectibles stores and art everywhere you look.

Goat Hill Public Arts and Literature Society celebrates the arts all of us enjoy.

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