Monday, July 16, 2012

Starslip, Sheldon and Unshelved

For many years my Comic-Con souvenirs have been the latest book from web comics. Here’s my favorites.

Starslip, by Kris Straub, was the strip that got me interested in web comics. I was walking through the Con exhibit hall when I spotted the first book. It just cried out to Star Trek fans. When I learned it was about a museum curator in space, this old museum docent just had to try it out. And I loved it. And Son and Daughter did as well. So each year I bought the newest book. I have a stuffed Mr. Jinx by my bed. You can start reading Starslip from the first strip at

Another great strip is Sheldon, by Dave Kellett. Daughter says it’s all about the duck. But I love it all. You can read Sheldon at l

And then I found Unshelved by Gene Amebaum and Bill Barnes, a hilarious strip about the characters who work in a public library. Anyone whose ever spent time in one can relate to and laugh at/with these people, and the members of the public they serve. Their weekly e-mail digest of strips includes book reviews. I’ve read many a good book after reading their e-mails. You can read Unshelved at

I just read all the strips in Drive, also by Dave Kellett. If I’d managed to win the badge lottery, I’d have bought his book at his booth. I’m going to follow this strip too. You can read them at

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