Monday, July 16, 2012

The People Make the Con

It is really true that people make the world go round, and they make the Con a special place. I truly enjoy talking to people on the shuttle buses, and meet some very interesting folks that way. Like these:

The 4th-generation San Diegan who has gone to a City Council meeting asking hotels not to raise their prices so much for Comic-Con attendees. She told me she spoke to a woman who was paying more than $250 a night to stay at a Motel Six! This San Diegan woman drives up to my home town, Costa Mesa, to buy fireworks because it’s one of the few places in the state you can get them. (Fireworks stands in Costa Mesa are run by charities. Many a Goat Hill charity is funded by sparklers.) She visits every stand to spread the money around and sets off her purchases all year round.

Ginger Mayerson, editor of The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society, who only covers Artists Alley. Why her card says “Ontology on the Go!’ has raised much speculation in our family.

The retired University English professor who now reads scripts for a publisher. He says he really does have to read a lot of dreck before he finds one good prospect.

The woman frantically going back to her hotel room to pick something up for her husband to get signed while he stands in the autograph line.

The Comic-Con committee member who did not know people signed up to volunteer just in case they could not get a badge. What the heck do they expect if they ask for volunteers in January, and don’t sell badges until March or April. The kids and I would have been signed up as volunteers, but I didn’t read the message in time. 

The lady who had the idea of selling the Comic-Con official t-shirts online in advance of the Con, to be picked up with badges at registration. I’ve never bought one, but she says the lines for them are ridiculously long. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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