Sunday, August 3, 2014

Naomi Novik's Uprooted

Comic-Con attendees are pretty mellow. They know they can't get all the  exclusives they want to buy or and won't get into all the panels they want to see. 

Our scribe stood in many lines with other readers waiting for the books publishers were giving away. As one would expect, they talked to each other, about the books being distributed, the authors signing them and the chapter samplers we'd picked up earlier in the Con and read.

One book that was widely discussed was Naomi Novik's latest, Uprooted. Lots of people read the sampler because her Tremaire books are very popular.

The 41-page, 3 chapter booklet sucks one right into the story of a young woman and her village's protector, a dragon. Everyone who read it was eager to read more. 

Then they turned the last page of Chapter 3 and found this:

AARGHH!! Why does a publisher do that? Get us all excited for a book that's a year away!

Most of us wouldn't have read the damn sampler if we'd paid any attention to the back, but I didn't talk to anyone who had.

The copy of the book on display at the publisher's booth? It was a dummy. A dummy dust cover put on another book.

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