Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Book 7: The Return of Comic-Con Mad Libs

Title and Author: The Return of Comic-Con Mad Libs

A San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

Illustrator: Unknown
Publisher: Price Stern Sloan, part of the Penguin Group
Genre: Humor
Target Audience/Age Group: All ages
Part of a Series? Sort of. There was evidently one published last year.
Will the Reviewer Keep It In His/Her Library? Yes

Is there anyone who doesn't know what Mad Libs are? Called the "World's Greatest Word Games" one fills in the blanks with words called for, like ADJECTIVE ___________________. These words are then inserted in a story. The results can be hysterically funny.

The nice folks at the Penguin Booth passed these out on Wednesday and Thursday, and they were among the best swag at the Con.

Here's an example. The story is Comics at Comic-Con; the blanks were filled in by random society members.

Plural Noun: Rutabagas
Adjective: Piratical
Noun: Ninja
Adjective: Moronic
Adjective: Creepy
Occupation (plural): blacksmiths
Adjective: Ugly
Noun: Warrior
Noun: potato chip
Adjective: Musical
Noun: Petunia
Verb Ending in "ING": Snoozing

People come to Comic-Con for all sorts of Rutabagas. All your favorite movies, TV shows, and piratical video games are there. But hey, what about the comics? After all, it's called San Diego Comic-Con, not San Diego Ninja-Con. You will get way more than the recommended moronic dose of comics at Comic-Con. All the biggest publishers are in attendance. Bring a/an creepy stack of your favorite issues, and you can get them signed by the authors. If you stop by Artists' Alley, you'll find the most popular blacksmiths drawing some of their ugly work. You can pick up a sketch of a beloved superhero, an obscure warrior from a forgotten comic, or even a portrait of you or your best potato chip dressed as a level-one-hundred orc warrior. After that, stop by a panel to find out the latest news about the most musical comics. Will there be another civil war? Will the universe be destroyed by an ancient omnipotent petunia? You'll have to go to the panel to find out! But get there early, or you'll be snoozing the panel through a crack in the door.

OK, so this one wasn't as funny to an adult as it would be if goofy kids picked the words. MAD LIBS aren't aimed at grown-ups anyway. 

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