Friday, August 1, 2014

Best Comic-Con Purchases

After much discussion of the stuff they acquired at Comic-Con, members agreed on the best of it all. No Marvel fans here, not many DC fans either, and though the Game of Thrones graphic novel prequels were discussed long and hard, they didn't make the cut. Neither did the Supernatural Funko characters, though we would have included Mark Shepard's unique Crowley if we'd been able to get hold of it. The Outlander bandana that one member would not take off her arm almost made the cut, but since it was free it was disqualified. So was the foam Sharknado chainsaw, cool as it was.

The Sharknado Tube 

Did everyone watch Sharknado 2? BEST SEQUEL EVER!!!

A $20 T-shirt came with the tube so it was easier to rationalize the price.

The National Cartoonists Society Batman T-shirt

It makes us wish we could all draw.

Pink Archer Dolphin Puppet

It's way cooler than the original grey dolphin puppet–almost as cool as Pam. Part of the proceeds are donated by Factory Entertainment to the Susan B. Konen Foundation and The Pink Ribbon Story.

The First Volume of The Don Rosa Library

"The Son of the Sun" signed by Mr. Rosa himself!

First Issue of Groo vs. Conan

Finally! After all those Sergio & Mark panels promising us new comics, we get one.

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