Monday, August 4, 2014

Book 4: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

Title and Author: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, by Mo O'Hara

Illustrator: Marek Jagucki
Publisher: Square Fish, an imprint of Macmillan
Genre: Science fiction
Target Audience/Age Group: Children
Part of a Series? Yes
Will the Reviewer Keep It In His/Her Library? No (My kids are too old.)
First line: Yesterday my big brother, Mark, turned into a real-life actual evil scientist.

This was a fun book. The narrator's older brother is evil. Really evil. His approach to his science homework reveals his mad scientist tendencies and the younger brother tries to rescue the poor victim of the experiment. A monster is created. The monster gets loose and out of control. It goes to school and chaos results. Younger brother, and his good friend, put all to right.

The book is fun. The illustrations are funny. We like the flip art at the bottom of the pages–the fish actually jumps out of its bowl.

We can see children all over the world trying to bring their dead goldfish back to life after reading this book. All it takes is a 9-volt battery. The text doesn't explicitly state the size battery, but the picture clearly shows the proper size. You do need both terminals to touch the fish, if we know our science.

We were reminded that we have yet to try to start a fire with a battery like Bear Grylls did on his show last week. The gum we bought didn't have a foil wrapper like it used to, but the Goldfish Crackers we bought the day we read this book did. Wonder if that's really a coincidence.

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