Saturday, April 30, 2016

The 2016 Newport Beach Film Festival Logo and Promotional Video

We ticket sellers spent a great deal of time looking at promotional materials, including posters and postcards. These were created to persuade people to watch a film and some designs were more successful than others. Soon I'll write a blog post on them.

2016 Newport Beach Film Festival
This one concentrates on  2016 Festival logo and catchphrase, We're Being Watched. The eyeball was everywhere. Some people told us they found it creepy, others really liked it. Not many people noticed that the pupil was really an island. Look closely and you can see waves and a beautiful sandy beach.

I like it.

We're Being Watched was the Festival's catch phrase. It's an effective one because it covers both the films individually and the Festival as a whole. The eyeball encapsulated that.

I didn't like the phrase on the back of my volunteer shirt. A bit too Big Brotherish for my taste.

The Festival's promotional video ran before every film. It ran continuously on computers in the filmmakers' Hospitality Suite. It's unique, and everyone who watches it will never be comfortable in the bathtub again. Many Festival goers told me they found it creepy, but others, especially young people, thought it was clever. It certainly supports the Festival's theme because everyone is watched and watching. 

Watch it for yourself, and make up your own mind. 2016 Newport Beach Film Festival Promotional Video

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