Monday, April 4, 2016

Sampler 15: The Young Elites, by Marie Lu

Here we go again, a teenager discovers she has powers she hasn't tapped because she didn't know she had them. There was a twist though, in that the threat that caused them to appear was not an external one, but one from within her household. Her Dad was a piece of work, but not so bad considering the society in which he lived. He didn't kill her or throw her out on the street after she became a pariah, he did try to find her some kind of place in their world. Can't blame her for running away though. I liked she stole the silver when she left.

Naturally everyone is afraid of the folks who have powers, so there's an Inquisition. (Everyone's afraid of the Spanish Inquisiton.) And a rebellion against it.

Since I liked the main character I want to read more. Thankfully one of us acquired the whole book at Comic-Con and is willing to lend it to me. If it's any good I might read the sequel, though I long to read a standalone book again.

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