Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More Newport Beach Film Festival Fun

2016 Newport Beach Film FestivalBetween working twelve hour days selling tickets at the Newport Beach Film Festival, sleeping and grabbing breakfast and a late dinner, there aren't many hours left to blog. I am taking notes so I can write when I have a chance, so I may post then edit later.

No Greater Love I wasn't there when the chaplain involved in this film stopped by the booth, but he made a great impression on my fellow volunteers. He served with the "Suicide Squad" in Afghanistan and through his work the suicide rate dropped dramatically. I wish I'd been there to talk to him.

The Lennon Report David Zayas and Adrienne Moore will be at the Q&A at the 8 PM showing on April 28.

Impossible Dreamers filmmaker Eric Goldfarb was the only person who talked to me at Big Newport while the tech guy worked on our mini-network. His documentary about senior athletes sounded very interesting. His flyer was cute, showing arms of different lengths holding various pieces of athletic equipment, like barbells and jump ropes.

Colby is a film about a girl who meets a guy and they crash together in a beach house. The family that owns the house call the police, but only the man is caught. The girl develops a relationship with the family and filmmaker Alex Markman wouldn't tell me any more. Actress Alexandra Bach attended the screening on Monday for the Q&A.

The Clockmaker's Dream Cashell Horgan's short sounds like one I wish I'd screened. A man tries to create a replacement for his dead wife and learns the true meaning of love. We had a nice conversation about love, that it's more than romantic love. There's the love one has for the work one does, the things one creates, for other people (non-romantic) and for the world at large.

Summer of 8 This sold out film has clever promotional cards. The size of business cards, but with curved edges, there are 8 different versions. Each has a shot from the film. I helped a little girl find all 8. I helped another woman find the card with the her grandson's photo. I'm going to do a whole blog post on the best promotional card designs, and this will be one of them.

Cat, Bird, Coyote This short film was one I screened. Two days after I watched and reviewed it the film kept popping into my brain because its graphics were so cleverly striking. I'm glad to say its promotional card had some of those images. I'll definitely include this one in my post on good design.

Madtown has a second screening and we hope it's as successful as the first one. I didn't catch the name of the filmmaker who talked to me (we got busy before I could ask him), but the film sounds interesting. The card gives a good synopsis, a comic asks the audience at a comedy club to try him for murder. I love a good mystery.

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