Saturday, October 22, 2016

How Cool is This?

  • There really is a Hell. It's in Michigan. You can buy a square inch for $12.95 or become Mayor for a day for $100, and it's name was official in 1841, so it isn't just a tourist trap.
  • The new season of Supernatural. The first two episodes have been great. Though next time there's a Sam in the shower scene, he should take his shirt off.
  • Unshelved, the cool library-based webcomic, has raised more than twice its goal on Kickstarter for publication of its 12th collection. We helped.

How Uncool is This!

 South Coast Plaza will light its Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. At least this year it's soaked in fire retardant.

Unshelved, the cool library-based webcomic will stop publishing new strips 11 November.

Creation banned booze at Supernatural conventions. Makes you wonder what happened to cause this action.

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