Friday, October 7, 2016

How Cool is This1

  • Gwen Briscow's Jubilee Trail  is an e-book! Available iBooks and Amazon, this amazing historical novel focuses on the Santa Fe trail and Southern California before the Gold Rush.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket. We can watch every Bears game legally instead of via a kind stranger's illicit stream.
  • Westworld Is Ed Harris good or evil? Is the phrase "These violent delights will have violent ends" the equivalent of a contagious bacteria? What's with all the milk?
  • Tours at the Tallman House, Rock County Wisconsin Historical Society On one tour the guide is a real estate agent trying to sell you the house. On another the visitors are treated like applicants for a servant position.
  • The Latest Trailer for Supernatural Season 12. Watch It Here. Sam and Dean are fighting the Nazis necromancers again. Lots of favorite characters are back. Many sneaky references to previous episodes, like the billboard for Mystery Spot.

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