Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book 72 : Glass Houses

Glass Houses, by Rachel Caine

The PAL who picked this book had read the first volume in the Weather Warden series. She'd liked the premise of it, that humans with special skills protect the rest of us from mother nature, but lost interest after the ending. The heroine should have stayed human.

But she digresses.

Heroine Claire, 16-year-old girl genius whose parents won't let her go to the ivy league colleges that want her (she's too young) winds up at Texas Prairie University menaced by a pack of mean girls in the dorm. Fleeing, she finds new lodging in a weird mansion with 3 strange roommates.

By the way, the town is full of vampires but no one outside the city limits knows it. Unless you wear a special bracelet you're not protected. Claire gets hold of a book the vamps want & her home is attacked.

So here's our big question. If Amelie doesn't want other vamps to know her secrets, why did she write them down? No one in the book asked her.

The book ends in a real cliff hanger–a knife plunging down on a main character. By then we didn't care.

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