Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book 71 : Scan

Scan, by Walter Jury & Sarah Fine

There are too many books about families with a secret heritage where the parents don't educate their kids about that heritage until it is too late. This is one of them.

That is so stupid. Parents, tell your kids what they're in for. Prepare them from the beginning, don't spring it on them. That's like the British Royal Family neglecting to tell a boy he's a prince. Keeping it a secret while training them for some "trust me you'll need this" future just results in rebellious surly unprepared kids. And probably gets you dead because they can't back you up.

The coolest character in this book is Christina the girlfriend. I really liked her because she kept her head when things got rough and pulled her boyfriend & father out of the firing line when they needed her most. 

The book ends too abruptly. Like someone decided to cut a page in half. Guess it's a set up for a sequel.

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