Monday, June 29, 2015

Book 77: Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire, by Josephine Angelini

The best part of this ARC (advanced reader copy) was the way it was packaged. A book inside a box with two covers. 

First it's all fire (left). Check out the eye looking through the flames.

Lift the flap, and it's about a girl walking through fire. (right)

Then you get dull (below).

Salem, Massachusetts. Lily is weird. Her usual body temperature is very high (get it, fire). Allergies threaten her life on a daily basis, but she refuses to let them control her. She's indomitable. What she sees in Tristan is lost on me.

Then there's another world, where things are exciting and witches really exist. Lillian is in that world, and she's powerful big bad nasty scary and many other adjectives. 

This book flunked my test. I read the first thirty pages, the last thirty and didn't care about anything in between. Amazon says it's the first in a new trilogy. You wouldn't know it from this ARC.

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