Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book 46: Green Rider

Green Rider, by Kristen Britain

Here we are, trying to get through the books we acquired at Comic-Con, and we keep finding great reads. How are we ever going to finish. Fortunately (or not, depending on one's point of view) there are only five books in this series. 

The member who unknowingly picked this book is not a big swords and sorcery fantasy fan, though she likes the Lord of the Rings books. She's more of an urban fantasy fan, loving the books set in the world we live in. Books like the Hallows and Greywalker series, and Supernatural on TV.

She loved this book because it creates a world full of well-drawn characters and makes you feel like you know them. The heroine is engaging and acts the way a normal person would under the circumstances she finds herself in, caught up in things she cannot understand. 

The first half of the book is one long chase and the other half is what happens when the chase ends. At the end the heroine does not do what most such characters do. She goes home.

Our member is half way through the second book and has promised not to read the third until she finishes the rest of her assigned books. We are all getting down to the ones we put off, but we will complete our quest if we have to drag each other to the finish line. We're half way there!

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