Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book 42: Rain of the Ghosts

Rain of the Ghosts, by Greg Weisman

The Pals have decided, after much discussion, arguing, whining and general complaining, decided to discontinue the form we have filled out at the start of every book review. It has been pointed out that:
  • it is a pain to look up all this stuff
  • some of it is ridiculously unuseful, like putting None when there's obviously no illustrator because the book was written for adults, who illustrate words in our minds
  • we don't always bring the book when we report on it to the scribe
  • in the age of the internet all you really need is title and author
  • and we're never going to post reviews of all 92 books if we wallow in trivial details.
This is the first book to be reviewed without all that stuff at the top.

Our reader didn't like this book because she didn't like the main character or the story. Can't get much simpler than that.

The writing was OK but the setup for sequels at the end wasn't.

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