Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book 43: The Heist

The Heist, by Janet Evanovich

You either like Evanovich or you don't. Stephanie Plum is a beloved character to many mystery readers   . The books we brought back from Comic-Con were assigned randomly, as in shut your eyes, reach in a bag and pull out a book randomly. The member who pulled out this book is not a Plum fan (she said she likes the fruit). In fact, she said the closest she came to liking Stephanie Plum is the Supernatural FanFiction story she read where the Winchesters run into her.

Our reader was heartened to learn this book was not about Plum but a new character. But the book still didn't please her. She read the first fifty pages and the last ten and went on to her next book.

Imagine her reaction to finding this book in her goodie bag at BoucherCon. Fortunately she traded it for something she liked. A book she liked so well she made the scribe promise to post a review of it, though it won't be a numbered book.

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