Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Bookman's Tale, by Charlie Lovett

One of us was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of The Bookman's Tale, by Charles Lovett, and she just had to tell us how much she loved reading it. "one of those books you can't put down," was the cliche she used to describe it to us.

And after listening to her rave about it, we decided it deserved a place here. What can devoted readers, and committed Book Folks, want more than a well-written novel that has:
  • The Shakespeare-Bacon-Marlowe debate
  • Forgery
  • Ancient manuscripts
  • Book dealers and bibliophiles
  • True love
  • A longstanding violent family feud
  • Illicit sex
  • Mysteries
  • Murder
  • Redemption after tragic loss
  • People who find their passions and pursue them, successfully
  • In-laws who welcome you into the family
  • And, most importantly, characters you really, really care about!
She said the last book she felt so strongly about was EmilyArsenault's The Broken Teaglass. That too was a gem of a book. 

She can't share her advance copy, that wouldn't be ethical. So we've already pre-ordered it. It comes out next week, and we can't wait.

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