Saturday, May 4, 2013

Newport Beach Film Festival

Well, its over. We were too busy volunteering to see any movies. But the ticket sellers among us said viewer demand was so high that extra screening were added for many films. Walking the Camino was shown 4 times! Touchdown Newport and Dusty's Trail were really popular with the locals. One of us even met Dusty and reported he was a very nice young man, with a family who really cared about him (the interaction among them in front of her was heartwarming, she said.)

We had a good laugh when one of us reported the water bottle giveaway at The Islands ticket booth. Ticket buyers come to the top of this big parking garage, surrounded by buildings. Many of them have wandered around trying to find us, unsure and uncertain because the Irvine Company will not permit the NBFF (or any other group) to put up helpful signs. Some people are exhausted by the time they reach the booth. The volunteers listen patiently, explain The Irvine Company policy, give the customer a ticket, then offer them an aluminum water bottle, courtesy of The Irvine Company, touting TIC's land preservation! What a hoot! But they are good bottles. And they were free.

There isn't space enough here to mention all the movies that were shown, but we here at GHPALS can tell our readers that if it is selected for the festival, it is a good movie. We are intimately familiar with the selection process and have enjoyed participating in it, so we know of what we speak. The Festival folks  have a process that assures every film gets a fair shake, and if it is good enough, it gets selected. Me, I like watching the shorts as I can do it whenever I have a break.

This year the NBFF seemed short of volunteers. Next year, all you out there on Goat Hill, sign up to volunteer. You can work at our very own The Triangle. All it costs is $5 for the volunteer T-shirt (this year a beautiful teal blue). You get discounted tickets for the films and the opportunity to interact with wonderful people. There's a great party when it's all over. You might even get discovered by a filmmaker.

Click here to get on their mailing list: NBFF Volunteer Information

Remember, FIVE of the films that showed at the NBFF went on to Academy Award nominations. Crash even won Best Picture.

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