Thursday, May 23, 2013

Supernatural Season 8

Some of our members think we need to do another post about Supernatural, the CW series so many of us love. Out only post on the show was critical of a book. And we are all fans, so we want to make that clear.

So, here's the consensus about Season 8. How can a series that has been on for 8 years continue to be so good? Good writing, good characters, good actors and a great crew given the freedom to make choices, both artistic and budgetary, that are in the best interest of the show, not individuals. The people who make this show understand their priority is entertaining the audience, and they do. And we here at GHPALS want to thank each and every one of them.

The final scene of Episode 23, with the angels falling to earth, was one of the most beautiful things we have seen on TV. What a way to end a season! Thank you, Supernatural!

Lots of fans harp about this decision or that, is Sam a wimp or not, why hasn't Dean done this or that this season. We don't. We think this season shows the "boys" are growing up. They have lost every patriarchal figure they've ever had in their lives. They are the patriarchs now, and it's beginning to sink in.

Dean is showing it more than Sam, as one would expect since the big brother is already a father-figure by definition. He has already rejected his father's version of paternalism and is forming one of his own. It's obvious in the way he treated Krissy, Victor, et. al. But it comes out most tenderly in Charlie's dream, and when he talks Sam out of completing the third trial. And Sam is mature enough to see the wisdom in Dean's words. When Sam was younger he would have argued and disdainfully ignored his brother. It takes true maturity to walk away from closing the gates of hell when one is as driven to fight as the Winchesters are. They are beginning to think about the future, something they never allowed themselves to do before.

Supernatural started out as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker fight monsters every week. Well, in the expanded Star Wars universe (some of which we hate), Han fathered a family and Luke revived the Jedi. (Then Lucas-world started a whole series of downer books that sent the Wars-verse down an incredibly dark, boring and stupid hole, but that's a whole other post.) The original Star Wars trilogy was positive and hopeful; Episode One was retitled The New Hope, for Pete's sake!

So here's how we hope the series ends:

  • The Winchesters revive the Men of Letters, bringing together Charlie, the various experts they have consulted through the years and their remaining Campbell relatives. 
  • Sam and Dean get married and have children who carry on the fight against all things evil. 
  • The Men of Letters destroy the Thule Society (everybody hates Nazis). 
  • Angels get their act together and figure out what God wanted them to do. 
  • Crowley gets to keep making deals, because, after all, what are humans if there isn't free will?

And we hope that between Season 8 and the Series Finale:

  • That every episode has good stories some funny lines, scary monsters, interesting sets and terrific special effects. 
  • That every person who worked on the series has a successful career and a happy life, repaying them for the pleasure they have given those of us who watch the show. 
  • And that Netflix puts the classic rock back into the Season One episodes they have online.

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