Thursday, October 2, 2014

Book 34: Cloud Atlas

Title and Author: Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell

Illustrator: none
Publisher: Random House
Published: (this edition) 2012
Genre: fantasy
Target Audience/Age Group: adult
Part of a Series? no
Will the Reviewer Keep It In His/Her Library? yes
First line: Beyond the Indian hamlet, upon a forlorn strand, I happened on a trail of recent footprints.

Isn't it nice to get a free copy of a classic. There's not much we can say that you can't read elsewhere. Read the book, don't watch the movie.

Stuck in it was a bookmark advertising David Mitchell's new book, The Bone Clocks, which went on sale September 2. We wish they'd passed out ARCs of it, but they didn't. We've put it on our To Read List, which we will start on when we've finished this project.

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