Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mesa Water District's New Logo

We here at GHPALS are an eclectic group, interested in a wide variety of things, and all things artistic. We have members who've lived here all their lives, and know a lot about what's gone on around here.

We've been following with great amusement the "rebranding" of Mesa Consolidated Water District to Mesa Water District. Some of the geezers in our group remember when it was called Costa Mesa County Water District. It changed its name in 1978 or so because it doesn't serve only Costa Mesa. It provides water to some parts of Newport Beach and unincorporated Orange County, but doesn't serve all of Costa Mesa; Irvine Ranch Water District serves some of the city.

Personally, we find the new name lame. Who does not think immediately of Mesa, Arizona, when they hear "Mesa Water District?" Apparently the word "Consolidated" was too dated. The district was formed in 1960 when several districts and the city water department joined together to create this new "consolidated" organization. A whole bunch of elected officials gave up their positions, voluntarily, when this happened.
Mesa Water District
We doubt that would happen today.

Anyway, apparently from what the newspapers are reporting, Mesa Water District tried to trademark their new logo, and failed.  We took a look at it from an artistic standpoint. Comments included "Trippy," "Lame" and "Where's the W or the D?" "Is it trying to look like a waterfall? We don't have  waterfalls here in town and the water coming out of my faucet doesn't look like that."

In other words, we were not impressed. They should have had a contest at the local schools or colleges instead of spending megabucks with unimaginative consultants. We have wonderful graphic arts departments at our high schools, and at Orange Coast College and Vanguard University. Too bad those kids didn't have a chance to show their stuff.

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