Monday, June 3, 2013

Look Forward to the Next Tremaire Book by Naomi Novik

One of our members read an ARC (advanced readers's copy) of the next book in Naomi Novik's series about Tremaire, the Celestial dragon fighting with the British in the Napoleonic Wars.

And she likes it.

We've been Tremaire fans since we picked up a free copy of His Majesty's Dragon at Comic-Con in 2006. We met the author one year, and had our copy of her latest book signed after standing in a long line. Fans like us gave her enough readers that her books started coming out in hardcover.

We must confess we kind of lost interest when the series went to Africa. That seemed far-fetched to us.

But with Blood of Tyrants the series has regained some of its energy. The title that is apt because there's all kinds of tyranny cropping up in this book.Tremaire and Laurence are on their way to China, with an unforeseen side trip to Japan. There they pick up an outcast who will probably become a problem in a future book. They aren't in China long before they are on their way to fight Napoleon in Russia.

It is always interesting to see how the various countries treat their dragons, and how that treatment is a reflection of each country's culture. Trouble is definitely looming with the Russian critters.

We encourage our members to read the whole series.

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