Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sampler 17: Black Widow

The PAL assigned this sampler is not a Marvel fan. In fact, she's an anti-Marvel fan since she hated Spiderman as a kid. She couldn't stand the whiney, angsty Peter Parker. She was a fan of well-adjusted heroes, like Superman and Batman. Or maybe it was more she was raised to suck it up and deal with things.

Anyway, we were all curious how she would react to Black Widow Forever Red and were surprised to hear she enjoyed it. The young fencers bored her but she liked Natasha. She made a mistake dumping a kid on the government and not staying in touch with the child though. That decision will probably have consequences.

The sampler's back says children all over the globe begin to go missing. Apparently that's what the rest of the book is about, but none of it is in the sampler.

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