Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sampler 14: Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard

We bet you thought we'd forgotten our goal to read all the chapter samplers we acquired at last year's Comic-Con. Well we didn't forget the goal and we didn't forget the sampler. We just forgot to publish the write ups.

The sequel to this Young Adult book has already been published, so if our reader liked it she could indulge in the second book. She did like the sampler because it presented an interesting character, an aging teen who expects to be conscripted upon reaching the age of 18. You don't know she's a girl until many pages in because she talks about her brothers being conscripted and her sister becoming a seamstress. This sets up the expectation that her community has gender norms to most societies. It comes as a bit of a surprise when it doesn't.

This sampler leads one to believe the book will be about a girl running away to escape something, but from the reviews on Amazon, that isn't the case. Thus this sampler is a bit misleading.

It accomplishes its objective though, which is to make our reader want to finish the book. She reserved it at the library so she can.

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