Friday, August 7, 2015

Sampled Book 12: Heartless

Heartless, by Marissa Meyer

This sampler has a confusing inside cover. The words apply to The Lunar Chronicles, but pictures don't seem to be books in that series. Which is Heartless? My guess is it belongs with the pictures since they seem to relate to fairy tales. 

Heartless is about a girl who longs to open a bakery with her maid, though how she thinks it will work escapes me since it took her 5 hours to bake 3 lemon tarts. They were perfect lemon tarts, but at that rate she'd never make enough stock to stay in business.

Her Mom clearly has other plans and wants her to have a 20" waist. There's magic–the heroine dreams of a lemon tree and one appears in her bedroom. There are oddities like rocking horse flies. There's stuff from other stories, like cheshire cats that disappear. All interesting things.

But somehow they didn't make me want to read more. I think it was the corsets I just can't get into fantasy novels where women are tortured as part of daily living. Does that make me Heartless?

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