Sunday, February 9, 2014

Comic-Con Badge Sales

Now that it's over, what do you all think of this year's Cimic-Con badge sale?

Things had to change the year Comic-Con attendees bought up all the badges for the next year's Con. Naturally those who didn't have a chance to buy one complained.

For a couple of years they had one first-come-first-served registration for those who'd attended the previous year's Con and those who hadn't.   You felt like you'd won the lottery if you got a badge for any day.

Last year was a semi-lottery, but winning partially depended on your internet connection, and your typing skill if your number was low enough. 

This year it was a total lottery. everyone had plenty of time to get enter and the same chance of having their number pulled. 

We here at GHPALS liked it. We also liked the new pricing structure. We know people bought 4-day badges when they could only go 3 days. They didn't do that this year.

Of course, they wouldn't have to limit badge sales if the Con moved to Anaheim. 

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